Facts About The Air In Your Home

Indoor air quality is one of the five most urgent risks to public health.

The National Academy of Sciences Institutes of Medicine reports that exposure to indoor pollutants is a key contributor to the asthma problem of this nation.

Today’s tighter, better-insulated homes limit natural ventilation and trap indoor air contaminants inside.

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The Process of Maximizing Your HVAC System

The germicidal effects of UV light cause photochemical damage to DNA and RNA within microorganisms. The UVC MAX25 is mounted inside the home’s heating and cooling ductwork. The unit easily mounts to your existing system and changing the bulb is a snap. It requires only a standard 120V outlet.

1. Bacteria, viruses and mold enter through the air filter.

The UVD MAX25 light helps protect your most valuable asset – your family’s health. It kills bacteria, viruses and mold with every pass through the system.

2. Great reduction in numbers, the remaining bacteria, viruses, and mold must now pass the dreaded UVCMAX 25!

The reduction of the microorganisms helps reduce the symptoms of allergies, asthmas and other respiratory illnesses.

3. The UVCMAX25 causes photochemical damage to the DNA and RNA within the mold, bacteria and viruses!

It emits powerful ultraviolet (UV) light which sterilizes and reduces airborne microorganisms as they continue to sanitize the air in your home 24 hours a day.

4. Now you have healthy, clean air flowing through your home.

Ultraviolet light purification has been proved effective in hospitals, schools, Day-care centers, restaurants and hotels.


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