Michael and Maria Miroshni.

Our family moved here in Jacksonville Florida in 2010 and we really enjoy our city and communities of this city.

Our Heavenly Father God of our Lord Jesus Christ has Blessed us with two children that were born in this city. We have experienced many wonderful things. God gave us a wonderful Church Family called Ma’am Jax Church that we are part of. This church was and is great encouragement for our family and our business.

As God loved us and Gave His Only Son Jesus Chris on The Cross to Pay for our sins.
So we can love others and be a blessing to others and share that love that he gave to us.

Golden Rule for our Business:

Do unto others, as you want to be done unto you.

We treat every customer and every opportunity to help with the Main Golden Rule of The Bible: Do unto others as you want it to be done unto you.

What you sow that is what you reap. Our goal to sow best quality service, and in return to reap happy satisfied customers that would refer us to their friends and families and continue to use our services in on-going basis and be our customers partners for many years to come.

We are real people with hearts that value you as individuals and your hard earned money, so you will receive the best quality service and value for you hard earned money.